Blogger VS. WordPress

Pros of Blogger is a free blogging platform and is fairly simple to use.   Anyone can sign up and begin writing their first post within 10 minutes. There are quite a number of free templates for use, use CSS to customize the design to your liking or you have the option of hiring a designer if you desire. You can purchase a domain name to use with your Blogger account to shorten the url, make it more memorable and professional looking such as rather than

Cons of Blogger

Design. While you can customize and tweak the designs, you are not 100% in control of the outcome. Many designers charge more for having to work with Blogger’s XML coding than the more widely used XHTML and others choose not to work with it at all.

In the past few months, quite a few issues with the ‘ease of use’ within the Blogger Platform have arose. Many once found Blogger to be easy to use due to the gadgets and the ability to add or remove them as well as ‘rearrange’ or move them around in the Blogger Dashboard. Now, after Blogger made some changes, many people can no longer arrange those gadgets around as they please. While the Blogger help forums are filled with complaints, one is able to use a different browser and cross their fingers with the possibility that it might work – but of course, no promises.

There have also been numerous bloggers with the complaints that their blog has been marked as spam and their blogs being removed (deleted permanently) without warning. These ‘spammers’ have included some that were quite innocent such as Frugal bloggers sharing coupons and deals or Mommy bloggers with product reviews or parenting tips. Google/Blogger does own the content and has the authority to shut down any blog/account without warning if they choose. While Blogger does allow you to publish to your own domain name, they own the database that holds the content to your blog.

Of course the list doesn’t end there. The disappearing act of comments with no way to retrieve them, errors during the process of adding or removing a gadget, deletion of gadgets upon changing layouts and all the downtime due to ‘maintenance’.

Pros of WordPress

Design. You, or a designer, have the ability to customize or create your blog design 100% to your liking. CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, Plugins, etc. You name it, it’s most likely able to be done! The WordPress Community has developed hundreds of plugins to boost the functionality of WP.  There are plugins for SEO, Social Networking, Related Posts and everything in between including using WP as a CMS to turn your blog into an all-in-one site Website, Blog & E-Commerce Boutique!  And, if you have a question regarding WP, the forums are filled with answers.

With you have full control over your blog. As it is self-hosted, you don’t have to worry about anyone considering your writings to be ‘spam’ or wandering if your blog will be disappearing overnight. You own the domain and it is hosted on your own account so you have FULL control over your content.

The software is free and most hosts offer one click installs. Only costs are hosting and domain; realistically that shouldn’t be more than $75 a year (in most cases less). You can choose from hundreds of free themes with WordPress as well to get started.

Cons of WordPress

For a personal blog, if you aren’t worried about it having any downtime or possibly disappearing at anytime, the cost of hosting and a domain name may be a con. For any business and any person that has numerous readers and numerous posts in which they count on being there for future reference, that cost would be well worth it.

Final Word

WordPress can do everything that Blogger can do and more. Even though Blogger is free all around, in the end, I still believe you get what you pay for.

If you happen to be ready to transfer from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress blog and are interested in how Design Sprouts can help, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Importance of Custom Blog Design

Having a custom blog design is important. Why? In short, blogs are popping up all over the internet…what is going to set yours apart? I know you don’t want to look like the billions of other blogs out there – especially if you are attempting to make money online through your blog – so why are you settling for a ho-hum, run-of-the-mill blog design? In this article, we’ll look at the basics of a custom blog design, starting from what a custom blog design is, to how you can get a custom blog design.

What is a Custom Blog Design?

A custom blog design is a blog template that is designed with certain specifications in mind in order to give the blog owner a unique presence on the Web. A blog owner could venture out to create his own custom blog design, but he would need to know how to code HTML and possibly some CSS.

Each blog is different and has a different “feel” because each person writing a blog is a unique individual! That being the case, each blog should reflect the uniqueness of the writer by the way that it looks. Setting up a custom blog design for your blog can take some time and energy (and most likely some money) but it will be worth it in the long run and will please both you and your readers.

Why Need a Custom Blog Design?

With the “blogosphere” booming, you need a blog that “stands out” in the crowd! While “content is king” and will always determine whether or not you receive a good page rank, if you have a crummy design, readers will leave your site sooner. A custom blog design is a must!

What’s worse is that if you keep your “default” template that was given by your blog platform (whether Blogger, WordPress or whatever platform you went with) you will look just like the thousands of other bloggers who kept their default template too!
How to get a Custom Blog Design?

As mentioned earlier, if you are saavy at HTML or CSS and design, you may want to try your hand at creating your own custom blog design. You would need to familiarize yourself with your current blog platform to see what kind of features and functions they have for designing your blog and whether or not they will host your images.

If you are not interested in designing your own blog design, you can hire a custom blog designer. Blog designers are experienced in coding and design and will be able to create a beautiful and unique look for your blog. Take note of blogs whose design you really like and try to find out who designed it (you can usually find this out by locating a link or button in the blog saying “designed by”.

No matter what, your blog will have better success if you have a look and feel that represents you and that pleases your readers! It’s time to invest in a custom blog design!

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